The dining room at Chateau Estefani

The History of Chateau Estefani

Chateau Estefani was built on the old hunting grounds of King de Navarre and originally known under the name of Borie Bois. A famous French artist Victor Galos painted a landscape picture of the Chateau, which hangs up until this day in the gallery at the museum of Pau for all to admire.

In 1836 the Duke of Montebello, the son of Marshal Lannes, who was Chief Marshal for Napoleon the First purchased the beautiful Chateau and it is believed that Napoleon the First himself often stayed here.

In the late 1880s, the Chateau passed on to the Count Paul de Gontant Biron and his wife, the Russian Princess Troubetzkoy. The Marshal of King Henri IV of France was their ancestor.

Then in the 1940s the Chateau passed on to Marquis Boni of Castellane. Antoine Boniface de Castallane, known as Marquis Boni was the eldest son of Paul Ernest Boniface and Anna Gould, the American heiress from New York.

Antoine Boniface married Yvonne Pantenotre and they had three daughters, one of them being Raymonde de Castellane.

Raymonde de Castellane, the daughter of the Marquis Boni of Castellane and her children, Phillipe Bertin and Constance Alibert (nee Bertin) occupied the property until 2005.

Chateau Estefani was purchased in January 2006 by the present owners. They fell in love with the Chateau the moment they saw it and restored it to its former glory.